Hallway & Stairwell Paint

The dream of having a new kitchen has undergone a lot of evolution since we bought this house in November 2014. First, we planned to simply keep the kitchen we had and gut it/renovate it/completely transform it. Over time, it became apparent we’d have to change our plans a little (or a lot). One thing led to another, and we started planning to completely move the kitchen from its current location to a different room entirely, keeping only a small area of the pantry intact.

I thought we could have this kitchen completed by last summer, but as summer came and went and more pressing matters presented themselves (a new roof was desperately needed and the foundation of said-kitchen was crumbling and hole-y), it became obvious we wouldn’t be finishing up the kitchen anytime soon. My new goal became Christmas, because my family was joining us and wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand new kitchen to host from? Well, it would’ve been terribly nice, but once again: not meant to be.

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My blog has a new home :)


Remember how I mentioned that I was working on a new site to house my blog? Well, it’s up and running. Not perfect, but we’re getting comfy moving in over here.

I’m so glad that you all have decided to follow my blog, as erratic and unpredictable as it has been up to this point. And I really hope you’ll head to the new website and follow me over there from now on! Almost all of my posts from here have moved over, so if you want to look back on our progress, you can!

But I’m also going to be adding in some new content, including posts about family-related things (homeschool, reflections, travels), discovering simplicity, and various projects we’ll be tackling around our old home. Of course, I’ll still be giving regular (even MORE regular) updates about our progress on the ol’ house.

I really hope you’ll join me for this new phase in my blogging journey and again, a BIG thank you for following along in the first place!!!

Peace ❤

New Year, New Adventures

Well, hello 2017. Where did you come from? Anyone else feel like the new year kind of snuck up? It only seems a few weeks ago that I was sitting around planning out 2016, and now it’s over and done with and I’m not really sure how much I actually accomplished.

And neither do you, considering the entire second half of the year I failed to post a single update on our house. Well. 2017 is a fresh canvas, and I’m it’s time things start to change. In fact, I’m already in the process of getting my very own web space up and running, where I’ll be blogging more regularly about our old house renovation…along with some other ideas I have. Whoever you might be, I hope you’re interested in coming along with me for this new cyber adventure. I don’t have much of a clue about how to manage a website or be a regular blogger, but I hope you’ll be patient with me as I figure out and work through all the (myriad) quirks.

On another note…maybe you’re eager to hear the latest update about our home. I’m dying to share it with you! I have all sorts of interesting anecdotes and discoveries to tell you from the last six months. For now, though, I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of our biggest accomplishment since we moved into our bedrooms in June and July: the upstairs family bathroom.


Lots more to come! Stay tuned to read details of this yet-unfinished bathroom reno. (Also, please ignore the wrinkled shower curtain!)